The trip

For 35 years, they give their clothes from port to port through seaside cabins and from mount to mount in alpine refuges.

Travellers knew to find them again for their beautiful and strong materials skimmed by sea spray. Anchored in Saint Tropez’s port, la Maison Blanc Bleu is preparing them to remote destinations.

The cape

They cast off the ropes to new horizons.
Shipping on the deck, crossing the gangwayto access to the upper-deck.
Their watch is a compass.
Their glasses for shelter from the effects of sun and wind. Their deck and quay shoes. Their iodine perfume to remember jasmine, orange blossom, almond milk of their Mediterranean childhood.

Their luggage to fulfil with treasures for a comeback home to wear.
A break “Welcome Traveller”: Fresh water, hot tea, iced coffee, one madeleine.

No matter the travel,

provided that the horizon is very large…

Let’s continue the travel