in testimony to the sea

A legendary sailboat

As in all legends, all starts with a happy birth, in 1929, in a construction site in Massachussets. Karenita is the 422th of the most renowned naval architect of the Roaring Twenties child. John Alden is one of the ocean race main actors.

Karenita is a curvy and sophisticated 23 metres two-masted ship.

This Ketch is the master’s work at the height of his art, a style’s testimony in its former glory.

Flynn years

At that time, Errol Flynn has 26 years old. He is a Warner Bros star actor, according to him « Baron Flynn, of Hollywood’s court, Regent of her Majesty King Cinema, Jack Warner. » In some movies – Captain Blood, Charge of the Light Brigade, The Adventures of Robin Hood – he became a Hollywood legend. An adventure which succeeds one hundred more. Born in Tasmania, the young Flynn proceeded to sea in a first Sirocco to become a Gold Prospector in New Guinea. Karenita, renamed Sirocco, will never forget Flynn and Hollywood years.

« I had heard about the Caribbean, its splendour, comparable, it was said to the Pacific that witnessed me, and we went to Boston to buy a sailboat. And immediately, I set off along the Atlantic coasts ».

Errol Flynn

A resurrection

Karenita’s destiny bumps into a man’s passion. The boat is dry in Tortola, without deck, open to the sky. As soon as its acquisition, all went very quickly. The most skilled artisans come from Florida, England and Pacific for its reconstruction in Tortola, in the Virgin Islands were starts an adventure in which they no longer believe. The bitter struggle, a tremendous willingness, a big patience made possible to snatch Karenita of the forgetfulness mud.

All is to be remade, or almost. Original hunting plans starts. We found them one by one. Dead works plankings have changed. From neighbouring Venezuela, Angelica, Mahogany and Teak are being brung. The owner and his friends go from auctions to antique dealers to find deck equipment and original arrangements uncollected in all the Caribbean. A last problem emerged in 1989.

The local construction site doesn’t have the required structure to put back the heavy hull on the launching ramp. A tug, a 70 tons barge and a crane have to be bringing from the neighbouring Saint Thomas Island. 3th June 1989, « Karenita » swings above the huge crane. Winning gamble! Another wharf will be required to finish the arrangements. And one year later, 28th May 1990, « Karenita » leaves Tortola to take slowly the way to Europe. A man’s determination had resurrected an amazing hull that everybody thought it was doomed to ruin.


Become again « Ketch race-cruise », Karenita has find again the elegance and flawlessness of the early Thirties style: taut lines, noble and natural materials, sophisticated interior design. The best ally of his beauty being his speed, Karenita relives very quickly its passion for competition. When he arrived in Europe in 90, he wins two races and two prestigious trophies. In Imperia, in Italy, in September 90, he wins the special trophy of “best representative of sea values and sea culture”.

In Saint Tropez, he wins the « Louis Vuitton Tropy of traditional sailing boats », during La Nioulargue. Many victories during classical sail boats reggattas, in Palma, Porto Cervo, in Régates Royales in Cannes…After a comeback to celebrate his 70 years in his birth place along the Eastern coast of the United States, Karenita find one more time the Mediterranean in 2003 for new challenges.